LoRaWAN® BK-G Pulse Reader

LoRaWAN® Pulse reader for Honeywell(Elster) BK-G diaphragm gas meters BK-G1,6 to BK-G100 that are equipped with the index Z3/Z6.

Powered by a long-life battery, the device is designed to be connected to the existing gas meter’s pulse output. Meter reading is transferred wirelessly to the LoRaWAN® network.

Device can be retrofitted anytime without breaking the seal.

No longer available. Replaced with CM3061



  • Long range wireless data transmission
  • Pulse counting
  • Pre-installed long-life battery
  • SMA Antenna connector
  • Configurable reporting interval
  • Maintenance free – install & forget
  • Easy installation
  • Average life 10 years*
  • Secure communication


BK-G Pulse Reader data sheet CM3060

BK-G Pulse Reader quick start guide

						*For specific order code please see the data sheet. Samples available under MOQ quantity.
					LoRaWAN® is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.	

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