Analog to LoRaWAN®/wM-Bus

Analog to LoRaWAN®/ wM-Bus enables acquisition of data from the pulse emitting devices and/or devices with the analog interface. Data is transmitted using available LoRaWAN® network or as a drive-by target in wM-Bus C1 or T1 mode with an automatic switchover. LoRaWAN® wM-Bus interface/Analog is designed to be connected to the existing devices’ signal output and is easily installed using NFC and NAS Connect app.

Ordering code UM3100x*


  • Dual radio LoRaWAN® or wM-Bus
  • LoRaWAN® ready in wM-Bus mode (automatic switchover)
  • Long range wireless data transmission
  • 2-channel pulse/signal counting
  • Built-in antenna
  • DIN rail mount
  • Trigger mode
  • Configurable reporting interval
  • NAS Connect*
  • NFC
  • Battery life 10+ years**
  • Secure communication

*Installation app available for iOS13

**Lifetime depends from the device signal strength and reporting interval.


Coming soon


						*For specific order code please see the data sheet. Samples available under MOQ quantity.
					LoRaWAN® is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.