Metromatic™ WMM

Made of high-grade materials, Metromatic® WMM multi-jet dry meter is characterized by exceptional functionality and reliability. Equipped with LoRaWAN™ communication module, the measurement results are reliable even in cases of heavily soiled water and accessible from your LoRaWAN™ provider.

Equipped with LoRaWAN™ communication module the real-time usage data is gathered and processed automatically. Data is accessible from your LoRaWAN™ provider.

Ordering code CMM020*



  • Ready for integration into any AMR system
  • MID measurement accuracy class (Q3/Q1) up to R160 horizontal and up to R80 vertical
  • 360° rotable 8-digit totalizer
  • Brass body (DN50: grey cast iron)
  • Maximum pressure load 1,6 MPa


Metromatic® WMM product configurator

LoRaWAN™ Modularis Module data sheet 

						*For specific order code please see the data sheet. Samples available under MOQ quantity.
					Metromatic™ is a registered trademark of Nordic Automation Systems.	

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