LoRaWAN® Pulse Reader + L-Bus

LoRaWAN® Pulse Reader + L-Bus collects data from pulse emitting devices and/or via L-Bus interface as an alternative to the M-bus. Pulse Reader + L-Bus is used to connect devices without having to supply high M-bus levels. The transmission protocol and bit encoding are the same as for the M-bus.


  • Long range wireless data transmission
  • Pulse counting
  • L-Bus interface
  • Pre-installed long-life battery
  • Built-in antenna
  • DIN rail mount
  • Trigger mode
  • Configurable reporting interval
  • Maintenance free – install & forget
  • Easy installation
  • Average life 8 years*
  • Secure communication

*Lifetime depends from the device location and reporting interval.


Coming soon.

						*For specific order code please see the data sheet. Samples available under MOQ quantity.
					LoRaWAN® is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.	

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