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LoRaWAN Luminaire Controller sends signals from Estonia to Finland

When LPWAN technologies started to emerge a few years ago, the main argument for sale was the long range for the signal. Many tests were performed which showed the possibilities for the signal to reach over 100 km. Since 2012, when long range LoRa technology was acquired by Semtech, the development of the patented technology has grown rapidly with experiments...

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LoRaWAN gas meter module for Elster/Honeywell meters

LoRaWAN smart city applications are growing rapidly with the Internet of Things deployment – including smart metering, street lighting management, smart parking, smart waste management etc. The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) sector was predicted to be the largest market for smart meters in 2016. In particular, the required regulatory conditions in the coming years are supporting the high rise of smart...

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Nordic Automation Systems develops the first Wehrle Modularis water meter compatible LoRaWAN sensor

Advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) is becoming the standard for utilities around the world. Smart meters are part of AMI allowing more accurate and quicker gathering of water usage readings than the existing manual-read system. According to the World Bank, nearly 32 bcm* of physical water is lost every year due to faulty distribution networks, inaccurate systems and theft. As AMI...

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Kamstrup 602 heat meter

The first LoRaWAN remote energy monitoring solution in Estonia

The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will continue to grow in 2017 with the utility sector to drive the highest adoption of IoT applications. Smart meters are becoming the top IoT device among utilities, allowing easy monitoring and managing the energy usage on a daily basis. According to the report by Grand View Research, the global market of Smart meters in...

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Nordic Automation Systems welcomes Arne Kaasik as new Head of Sales

Nordic Automation Systems is pleased to announce and welcome Arne Kaasik as the new Head of Sales in the company. Arne will be responsible for the establishment and development of the sales team in the company, ongoing relationships with the company’s key customers and the development of an effective sales strategy to support the company’s growth. Arne brings over 20...

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Nordic Automation Systems launch first public access for its LoRaWAN gateway

Beside collaborating with many cities to build LoRaWAN™ network worldwide, the developer and manufacturer of LoRaWAN™ products, Nordic Automation Systems intends to increase the awareness of LoRa® technology by launching public LoRa gateway in the south of Estonia with the University of Tartu. [quote-icon]“Tartu University computer engineering program is designed to train the engineers and leading specialists in the Estonian information and communication...

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Nordic Automation Systems exits NORAnet to focus on the export of LoRa® products

NORAnet, founded by the Norwegian-Estonian sensor technology company Nordic Automation Systems and the Estonian IT and Communications company Levikom, is the first Internet of Things network provider in Estonia. NORAnet was established to fuel the growth and fast adoption of LPWAN technologies in Estonia. This week Nordic Automation Systems sold all the remaining shares of NORAnet to the other founder...

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Nordic Automation Systems joins the 7th LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting

Nordic Automation Systems, the product developer and manufacturer of sensors based on LoRa® technology, will be joining the 7th LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & Open House from January 24-25, 2017 at Royal Garden Hotel in London. For Nordic Automation Systems it is the first LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting and Open House after joining the LoRa Alliance group, created...

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Nordic Automation Systems uses LoRa® technology to develop the first intelligent harbour in Estonia

Nordic Automation Systems, known as the product developer and manufacturer of sensors based on LoRa® technology, has sold its products already in more than 10 countries worldwide. Today, they use LoRa® technology to develop an intelligent harbour operation system for one of the largest pleasure craft marinas in Estonia. Nordic Automation Systems brought LoRaWAN™ network to Estonia about 6 months...

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Estonia’s first public LoRaWAN™ network

The Estonian IT and Communications company Unitcom Eesti OÜ has finished technical tests with the Norwegian telematics and sensor technology company Nordic Automation Systems AS, to enable it to open Estonia’s first public nationwide LoRaWAN™ network: NORAnet. The network will be opened for commercial use on 5 October 2016. The network will open a new era in the Information and...

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