Nordic Automation Systems develops the first Wehrle Modularis water meter compatible LoRaWAN sensor

Advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) is becoming the standard for utilities around the world. Smart meters are part of AMI allowing more accurate and quicker gathering of water usage readings than the existing manual-read system.
According to the World Bank, nearly 32 bcm* of physical water is lost every year due to faulty distribution networks, inaccurate systems and theft. As AMI systems using smart meters can solve some of the key issues in the utilities industry, more companies are integrating intelligent infrastructure to their operations to reduce costs as well as water losses due to leaks and failures.

Australia, India, Vietnam and France are only some of the countries where Nordic Automation Systems LoRaWAN smart water meters are already deployed.
To meet the demand, Nordic Automation Systems has developed a LoRaWAN module for German water reader manufacturer E. Wehrle GmbH to supply their Modularis water meters with LoRaWAN communication.
“The cooperation with E. Wehrle GmbH is undoubtedly one of the milestones in the development of Nordic Automation Systems growth,“ says Viljo Veesaar, the founder of Nordic Automation Systems.
The Wehrle LoRaWAN Modularis Module enables the acquisition of water consumption data and transmits it wirelessly to the available LoRaWAN network. The LoRaWAN module has a pre-installed long-life battery with average 8 years of lifetime.


Some of the main features:

  • Long range wireless data transmission
  • Configurable reporting interval
  • Backflow & removal detection
  • Secure communication
  • Maintenance free – install & forget
  • Usage detection


Nordic Automation Systems

Nordic Automation Systems (NAS) is an industrial automation company, creating sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring solutions. NAS is one of the world’s leading provider of full vertical LoRaWAN: sensors, gateways and Cloud – plug & play. NAS offers custom-made smart metering, smart monitoring and smart city solutions according to each project specific needs. The company is operating in Norway and Estonia and have their own manufacturing facility located in Kuressaare, Estonia with SMT, assembly, and QA units.

Nordic Automation Systems is a member of LoRa Alliance, an open non-profit association of members who will collaborate to drive the global success of the LoRa protocol (LoRaWAN). More info

E. Wehrle GmbH

The WEHRLE Group includes three enterprises in Germany and Austria: WEHRLE (METERING, PRECISION PLASTICS), Andrae Wassertechnik and G. BERNHARDTs. E. Wehrle GmbH was founded in 1842. The Company’s line of business includes the manufacturing of measuring and controlling devices. The company focuses consistently on new technological developments and on process optimisation for maximum quality and efficiency. More

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*billion cubic meters

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