NAS IoT-Hub secure LoRaWAN cloud platform

Among several LPWAN technologies which enable low-power and long-range communications, LoRa technology is often considered as offering the most effective bi-directional functionality. This means receiving messages from end-nodes as well sending data from base stations back to the endpoint devices, transmitting small messages at a frequency once a day or every hour (in specific cases even more frequently). The base...

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NAS metering display with Elster gas metering module, LoRaWAN IP68 Pulse + Analog Reader

NAS attracted attention with live metering display at the European Utility Week 2017

European Utility Week, the leading exhibition and conference for the Utilities sector, was held from 3-5th of October in Amsterdam with more than 600+ exhibitors, 400+ speakers and 12,000 visitors worldwide. For Nordic Automation Systems (NAS) it was the first participation as an exhibitor, demonstrating their end-to-end smart metering solutions developed just within the last year. NAS live remote metering...

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Estonia’s first public LoRaWAN™ network

The Estonian IT and Communications company Unitcom Eesti OÜ has finished technical tests with the Norwegian telematics and sensor technology company Nordic Automation Systems AS, to enable it to open Estonia’s first public nationwide LoRaWAN™ network: NORAnet. The network will be opened for commercial use on 5 October 2016. The network will open a new era in the Information and...

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