A new era in smart street lighting

The end-to-end Smart City solution provider Nordic Automation Systems has released the first Zhaga book 18 compliant LoRaWAN™* luminaire controller. The LoRaWAN™ controller offers greater interoperability and presents a more affordable solution to increase the growth of intelligent street lighting systems. Growing electricity prices, increasing environmental requirements and expanding urban growth are driving the worldwide lighting market to high-efficient LED light...

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Kakumae intelligent street lighting system

Smart City street lighting solution for the first smart marina in the Northern Europe

Smart City solutions are becoming a major part of every city. These solutions would enable cities, including harbours to reduce costs and optimize operations as well to increase quality of life and overall safety. The most recent yacht harbour of Tallinn is located at the Western coast of Kopli Gulf at the beautiful Kakumäe peninsula. Its unique and high-tech infrastructure...

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