Generic Tool Sensor

The SensorLink™ generic tool sensor is a wireless device that is designed to fit any device. Without interfering with the performance of work, it measures real-time trigger-time, which is transferred over SensorLink to the Analytics Platform and can set up reports based on that information.


The sensor is equipped with a lithium battery and is maintenance-free during the product lifetime.


Real-time usage data is gathered and wirelessly processed automatically. Data is accessible on any PC or smartphone connected to the internet.

Ordering code IM3040.*


  • Wireless data transmission
  • Years of lifetime
  • Trigger time measurement
  • Worker identification
  • Ambient temperature measurement
  • Tool motor evaluative measuring
  • Sensor internal data recording for off-site usage
  • Easy glue-on design
  • Firmware OTA upgradable


* Battery lifetime and signal range are largely dependent on the location and usage. Low temperature reduces battery life. Reinforced and metal walls block reception.


Generic tool sensor IM3040A data sheet

Generic tool sensor IM3040B data sheet

						*For specific order code please see the data sheet. Samples available under MOQ quantity.