Asset Management



asset protection

Asset Management is an integrated solution that monitors stock in different storage facilities and provides real-time theft prevention.


Monitors stock in different storages and provides real-time theft prevention. Built-in accelerometers enable movement detection outside working hours. Keeps track of each monitorable object with GPS-based location, which enables the effective redistribution of stock. Ensures up-time notifications of machinery that need to work for a certain period of time. 


How it works


Theft prevention

NAS sensors protect tool storages, vans, workers' quarters or containers from burglars by monitoring their movement outside of working hours. SMS alarming will be activated and a text message sent to the person assigned when movement is detected.


Presence monitoring

Receive an overview of all the tools in different worksites and receive notification when any of them does not reach the designated location by the end of the day.


Up-time monitoring

Ensure the up-time of machinery that need to work for a certain period of time without the need for manual surveillance. Receive SMS notification as soon as the operation stops.


Usage statistics and inventory management

Full time-domain usage statistics are recorded, enabling information such as work cycle length, default and identified user, default location and tool status. Due to live inventory info, manual stocktaking is no longer relevant.


Prolong the lifetime of tools

Assign customised maintenance to each tool with preceding notifications of deadlines to assigned persons. Receive regular reports on the condition of tools and information on upcoming maintenance.